In the eastern cultures, the Ki, qi, chi, prana, stands for the universal force that flows through everything. The term 'natus' in Latin means birth. It is our belief that the universal force imprints our subconscious with the inspiration for new ideas.

It is up to the thinkers and doers,  to connect with these ideas and create new possibilities. Every day we step out of our home, we like to observe the behavior of our fellow citizens. Sometimes, an idea takes seed, inspired by our lifestyle. We like to experiment with these ideas.

We believe that technology (in itself) is nice but magic happens when you use technology to make an impact, solve a problem.

To us, Product Management is more than writing clean code and releasing to masses. We use creative process from inception through development to challenge everything.

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Develop User Stories

Writing User Stories? We have used visual design and mock-up since 1990s to conceptualize some of the most innovative solutions. Let us develop your user stories.

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Lean Startup

Developing a business plan? Lean Startup Methodology allows you to identify your target customers, define the problem, solution and the financial plan in a single page. We can help design the experiments to validate your hypothesis, quickly. Sample Lean Canvas…

Product Management

Product Management

Let’s just say, we believe product management requires bi-polar personality. If you are as ambitious as us, you want to bring the creative genius together with the disciplined approach for systems integration at scale. We have a string of success stories resulting…