Population healthcare management, chronic disease management and pay-for-performance billing models, all need one thing – constant participation from patients. When is the best time to engage your patients? While the patients are still within the walls of the hospital.

Patient transition system

BedsideTV – patient engagement built for hospitals to home.

In its simplest form, BedsideTV provides a non-intrusive platform, for the hospitals, to share information stored in the clinical systems with the patients.

What the System Does
BedsideTV does what the name suggests; it shows patient-relevant information on any linked TV monitor, primarily those in patient rooms. Hospital staff can select the relevant information, or it can be automatically loaded according to treatment codes. The information is displayed to the patient at their convenience in a friendly and familiar manner. Some of the use cases implemented:

  • Increase patient counseling compliance for AMI and HF Quality Measures.
  • Informed consent, offering patients forms in advance of their appointments or procedures.
  • BedsideTV allows patients to see clinical images, drawn from existing hospital data, on the nearest TV screen, supporting discussions between doctor and patient.
  • Ability to identify the care team and Rx information (patient friendly description, benefits, reminder)
  • Self-service module for food ordering

BedsideTV - Main Categories

Nursing staff and nutritionists in the hospital are truly busy to ensure patients can receive their food tray on time. In the past, we have integrated this system with Computrition, a popular food delivery system in the hospitals. Imagine a scenario where the system automatically checks the allergy information and nutritional restrictions before showing the choices to the patient. The patient does not have wait for the nurse to come around and ask what they want to eat.

BedsideTV - Physician Login

Here is another scenario – most hospitals use DICOM based PACS/Radiology Information System, there is no need for the Radiologist or doctors to print the films. One of the largest hospital systems in the Greater Los Angeles area prints more than 3 Million films just for discussions with the patients. What if the physicians could use the patient TV to share the radiology results and discuss treatment options?

BedsideTV - Radiology module

Similarly, the TV can be used to automatically detect the mandatory counseling and training for the patient. Calance also built a module for mapping the JCHAO, SCIP, ORYX and 72 core measures allowing the TV to be used for driving patient satisfaction.

The possibilities for self-service are endless.


  • The system can use any cable box using DOCSIS (Coaxial cable), IPTV or Hybrid approach. We tested the system with ENSEO HD2000, Microsoft XBOX and Cisco Scientific Atlanta STBs.
  • OEM nurse pillow speaker compliant with 27 nurse call systems
  • Standard LCD panels using HDMI cable
  • Management Software: Minerva Networks, MediaRoom
  • Microsoft ASP, .NET/C#, SQL Server, Rules Engine for automated CMS and JACHO compliance reporting

Need more information? Contact me via email at gaurav unedrscore garg at yahoo dot com

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