GGMeet GG, 208 lbs, chronic asthma patient with hypo thyroidiasm, high blood glucose and high cholesterol, struggling with obesity for last several years. GG’s dad was diagnosed with diabetes and lost his eyesight due to the diabetes complications.

GG’s physician flagged him as a high risk patient for cardio vascular diseases. Only tool available to GG from his healthcare provider is a diet workshop that will cost $2,000.

In Aug 2012, GG found a clinical protocol driven weight loss program that helped him lose 68 lbs, reverse the diabeties and high cholesterol trends. GG used the BMI chart as the motivational tool to stay on the diet. Albeit, there is no way for GG to coordinate his blood sugar trends with his physician.


Imagine if this chart could overlay blood glucose and blood pressure trends on top of the weekly BMI graph…

GG is not alone. 

Diabetes Trends

Nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes. Of these people living with diabetes, about 18 million have been diagnosed, and about 6 million do not know they have it (1).

US healthcare system is designed for treating sick people (not healthy).

  • Neither the providers nor the patients have the tools or training to stay out of the hospitals.
  • Even if the clinicians can identify a care path, there are challenges:
    • Patient Adherence (should I continue doing x?)
    • Socioeconomic factors can void the care path e.g. certain culture rely heavily on carb based diets compounding the ill-effects

To overcome these factors, healthcare providers have to engage the patients at a personal level. This means understanding their behavior, their environment, their lifestyle etc. Patient Engagement is the holy grail of population health management. Instead of looking for technical solution, you have simply. There is technology already in our homes that can be used for patient engagement.

What if we could use existing technology in your home to engage the people like GG?



FitSystem was conceived as an amalgamation of past experiences in consumer entertainment and healthcare.

Technical Integration

Given the shift in healthcare reimbursement paradigm, the timing is ripe to dust off a chronic disease management solution, like FitSystem and address the issues head-on.

Intellectual Property:  Kinatus


  • Utilizing the best in class mobile development and big data platform.
  • Management Software: MediaRoom
  • iOS (Swift), JSON, C#, R Studio, HL7

Need more information? Contact me via email at gaurav at kinatus dot com

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