Our journey in Product Management started serendipitously in 1997. Gaurav was assigned the charter to work on a Lab Information System (LIS). ADL, one of the largest diagnostic labs in India worked with Reliance to provide the domain knowledge. Working with Dr. Sujay Prasad, Director of Pathology at ADL, the team worked on solutions that were unheard at that time in developing countries.

Started 1974, ADL is a pioneer in using technology for workflow automation, reducing human error and increasing safety of the lab staff.

SmartPATH was designed to automate the end-to-end workflow for diagnostic labs. Dr. Prasad, a true visionary, wanted to share the solutions with small diagnostic labs as well as largest labs with the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Under Dr. Prasad’s guidance SmartPATH evolved from a custom application to a shrink wrapped product with following features:

  • Automatic download the lab orders from disparate systems.
  • Automatically generate patient identification labels with barcodes and barcoded labels for all the samples.
  • Bi-directional integration with diagnostic equipment over TCP/IP – Cytology, Hematology, Histology, Pathology and Radiology
    • Test specification distribution from a central server to all diagnostic meachines.
    • Automated sample matching to the test orders and testing queue management at the diagnostic machine level.
    • Exception handling: diagnostic machines inform the server if any samples are contaminated or need manual handling by a Lab technician.
  • Automated collection of test results from different diagnostic equipment. Collating results for patients and transmit the test results/reference range to the ordering physician via secure email, Fax or package them for commercial courier.

In order to keep the cost low for the diagnostic labs, ADL sourced the APIs from the equipment manufacturers and the development team wrote the bi-directional, real time interfaces (TCP/IP). We also created native interfaces to capture the radiology images and store them in standard digital formats.

SmartPATH was sold in South East Asia in three SKUs – stand alone version for small labs and collection centers, client/server version with for mid size labs without equipment integration and an enterprise LIS for large facilities processing millions of samples.

Today, ADL is considered the gold standard in Diagnostic Lab automation.


  • PowerBuilder, Sybase, Install Shield
  • C++, TCP/IP for interface development

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