One of my mentors used the term an Ideator and a Founder to describe my personality.

Ideator: a problem solver, who can’t help but see issues and conceive of solutions.

Founder: an Ideator who takes action on his/her idea(s) by creating an actual product or service.

I firmly believe, technology provides the tools. Magic happens when you apply the technology to solve a problem. I have a degree in Computer Science. When I was in college, I gravitated towards business applications over systems design.

As an intern, I learnt SDLC, building an enterprise contract management solution for Xerox. Since then, I had the opportunity to work on some of the most innovative hardware and software solutions. I have worked in Australia, Brazil, India, Kenya, Uganda and the United States. In my full time job, I lead custom application development team and product development for large clients.

1553527_10151850914691476_1496573626_oPrabha Sreeramalu, my co-founder, used to work for Microchip, back in the day when micro-controllers were not readily available. In the past, Prabha has worked on financial systems and products for not-for-profit organizations. Prabha took a long sabbatical to take care of family.

Kinatus was founded on the principles that Product Management requires creativity as well as discipline. Both Prabha and I are certified in Agile methodology.

These days I work as a “Trusted Advisor” for Healthcare providers. In my free time, I teach kids how to tinker with Arduino, XBee and Raspberry Pi.

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– Gaurav

Co-founder Kinatus